Jungle Love (Don't Run Away)

from by OPMOC



Maureen was walking fast and graciously
She threw us little glances that meant a whole lot to me
We would have followed her 'til the end of the world
Before knowing Marianne, a foxy baby
Who gave us a faggot pink whistle which we gave to gay-Carl
(Yay, a faggot pink whistle)
Elise was kindly waiting for her big fat friend on the square
So we sang her some stupid songs like Happy Birthday (and something in May)

Mariam laughs and laughs except when she sells our CDs
Scaring even us, but there's cake, wine and ladies
Chocolate was a big belgian redneck who chased Mariam with his chocolate stick
Guich followed him to film his ass (good time, great flick)
Everyone went skinny-dipping except us (‘cause it's sick)
Bicurious Torben went to see chocolate's dick, the bear who didn't like clothes
… They just weren't his thing

Hey, don't be afraid, we'll play a little song
Wait, don't run away, please stay and sing along

Ludivine! She's the coolest, she wants her ass kicked cause she's in sex-mode
Her sister was Cinnamon who would have been ours, if not for Thibault
So we play and play 'til the faggots hit the hay at 7:00 it was just us and Ludivine, it was her birthday
So we have a ball saying gross things with noise and booze
We filmed the things we filmed and we filmed that too
Then we nailed that bitch with petanque balls,
Then she drew us, we drew her back, and everybody was drawn

Hey, don't be afraid, we'll play a little song
Wait, don't run away, please stay and sing along
Please girl don't you run away, just stay,
Don't be afraid, please wait
We just wanna play a song for you


from OPMOC, released June 9, 2017
music by Martin Salemi
words by OPMOC

Jacob Miller: bass, lead vocals
Maxime Van Eerdewegh: drums, cowbell, vocals
Martin Salemi: rhodes mkV, nord stage, korg MS20, clavinet D6
Antoine Lafontaine: trumpet, vocals
Bruno Borsu: alto saxophone, vocals
Jeroen Capens: tenor saxophone



all rights reserved


OPMOC Brussel, Belgium

New album coming out on June 9 !
OPMOC is a six-piece band based in Brussels, Belgium. With saxophones, trumpet, bass, drums and keyboards, their music is an energetic mix that knows no boundaries, something between funk, reggae, punk, hip-hop or even salsa. For the past 10 years, they've played on some of the biggest stages in Belgium and around the world. ... more

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