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Suck my beat and Scream my name OPMOC On the floor You can find a way
Red Beans 04:04
How could I ever find a way Out of this trippy sound I don't know how it's done But it sounds good to me Why don't you join me Listen, I’ll tell you how No drugs, no spirits needed Just follow me
PicNicDub 03:29
I told that bitch to get me some bread For my special pic nic She didn't hear me when I said : "It's my special pic nic !" Instead she got me some sauerkraut I think it's time I kick her out Do I have to do everything myself What's a guy gotta do to get some help What is a pic nic without bread She don't understand nothing My pic nic friends must get fed So I still need to get my bread for my special pic nic If I don't hurry then I can forget my special pic nic But when I got there the stores were closed I guess I can shove that bread up my nose Look at me and laugh 'cause my wife is dumb She ruined every chance to make my pic nic fun
All I Knew 05:33
When I think about the things that we used to do my friends and my ways were all I knew in the summer days the sun was shining on my face and I smiled right back thinking time's a stupid thing to chase So many friends that I cared about something that I couldn't do without now most of them went different ways and all I share with them is memories of the days Days when I knew less than I do now which might not be much but I know somehow change is good, change is what makes us keep going times are changing and I keep growing I have regrets about things from the past things that weren't so good, the things that didn't last but I made my peace cause I know there's more to come there'll be other changes before all is said and done I think of all my memories and all my possibilities and when I think awhile I know they'll always make me smile
Now I'm pissed so you can't miss these assholes think I'm gonna get their shit I got their dough but they don't know where I'm gonna do what I'm gonna go maybe they think it's no big deal but I'm gonna show'em I'm for real Why is it always me who gets screwed all they can do is beg for booze I told them once and I told them again but my understanding friends my homies, my budies, my pals, my peers still want me to get them some beers We're waiting for him... Is it our fault? No I think it's him All we asked from him was a couple of beers... What am I going to do with all this beer money I could buy some weed or some crack (that's funny) I could buy the new apple mac (that's funny) or I could do ten whores back to back (giggity giggity) but to do all this I need a car and a big one for my weed and my whores ‘cause you know I can stick'em in the back, it's a fact, gonna smoke it ‘till I drop cause I’m going to the top so suck my cock My old friends can rot in hell when I buy all the beers that the world could sell then I'll buy a boat, an island, and candy with the beers gone all they'll have is Brandy We're waiting for him... When he gets found his ass will get pound... He didn't get any of our beer... I was sitting on my beach with some beers when I saw a russian submarine peering out like a straw I knew it was my friends so I ran like a mofo but they caught me quick and they laughed ‘cause I'm slow yo lalalalalala now it's time to get you little Bongo Hold on (what) don't you know about the Bongo The Bongo gets tired of you taking advantage so think about that, before you start get your pants in a... lalalalalala now it's time to shut up little Bongo They were getting on my nerves so I got up and told'em **** you ****bags and mother ****ing ****suckers I'll **** your ****ing *** like your mom's mother. You son of a ***** We're getting his head, now that we have him the Bongo is dead He didn't get any of our beer...
Walking Dead 03:36
Just woke up this morning got nothing to do gonna smoke some before I hit the school rolling joints ‘till the bell rings can't stop it smoke got in my eyes can't see nothing weed in my brain I'm on my way, just feel it time goes by and you rush for the waiting line starts with a short one ends on your own and the beat goes on 1 AM all my weed is gone everybody went away and I'm all alone my mind is slow I'm feeling down first thing I'll do tomorrow is getting stoned It's the end of the line I can hardly stand it what can I do what will I do to face the end of the road I gotta get up, stand up and change my mind I'm losing myself my head's gonna blow shame is burning me in my rare moments of clarity I think I should quit and go back to reality but all I can do is fall, let it go ‘till I hit this fucking wall Just woke up this morning got nothing to do gonna lay in bed ‘till 1 or 2 ashes in my brain I just smoked my soul all hope's gone and left me with an empty hole weed in my brain and nothing more just lost it can't think of having a good time without it time goes by I fake to try but all I can do is look for a waiting line 1 AM... It's the end of the line, I just crossed it it use to make me laugh can you believe it I became the sad one don't know when I lost my smile no matter what you say I'm still getting high see the one with no light in his eyes he's passing by forgetting his life it's hard to hear so fucking hard to be said but I'm a fucking walking dead I'm the one with no light in his eyes no matter what you say I'm still getting high I ain’t got no joy I got no love and I lost my taste I got no goal, no reasons, my life's a fucking waste it's hard to hear so fucking hard to be said but I'm a fucking walking dead
Mountains 07:54
Elle a quelque chose de spécial elle, elle est différente On la trouve tous jolie, et elle a du charme c'est une allemande... Looking through the windows of our big green van laid back in the seats going through France we're happy and nothing can stop us see on our way to Spain we're feeling free the car is eating up the long long road the sun is shining on our little music shows everything is nice and the birds are singing everybody's happy with the love we're bringing Going up, one mountain to climb without a care in my mind going up, one mountain to climb laughing all the way without fear but then there was smoke we gotta gotta get out Seulement nous on n’a pas besoin de moteur pour avancer on remonte dans Carl et on redescend moteur éteint, en appuyant parfois sur le frein... Gonna go my way I don't wanna stay So let me go my way No matter what they say
Last night I was at a night club dancing with my soul and then I saw two little girls just going on 18 years old I could tell by the way they moved that they were waiting for me I looked her in the eyes and I said "take me where you please" Go go go little rabbit down down down Bilbao streets take me down those Bilbao streets Then she took me to a place where things were going to waste then she touched me lightly on my face and I found out what I had to pay I was oh so wet and tired and feeling like a clown Took her to the side and I said "I'll get you when you're down" Go go go...
Opmoc's Trip 07:48
Opmoc's trip starts in Mexico, travelling south, Tulum is where we go Tequila in our glasses, sun shining on our asses to get to the beach we have to fight mosquito masses The sexy beach makes us cool and relaxed but tequila comes back like that to attack now we fight just to see who's right but we find our way in the pitch black night "Si si Laguna" hey I'm no tuna "No no no no" not later but sooner We're producing a funky movement so funk your music to my amusement Mosquito gangs taught us to dance learned to hitchhike without losing friends "Michelada" doesn't please everyone cause a salty beer can be strange to some If you go to San Ignacio You must stop By Tulum, Mexico Another road, another pickup Burger speaks and we keep our lips shut on our way to San Ignacio funky people play cards with lesbos Tropical river just a little walk down just take it south, and you'll get to town a real Rasta man shows us his sound selling banana wine to get around "Free like a bird in a tree" yeah play that, sing that, smoke that, hit that beat you gotta Belize to feel the heat you gotta get on your knees to suck my beat In the jungle with Red Beans and it seems like the best thing you've ever seen breakfast sandwich was for free don't you forget to thank Shirley -"Thank you Shirley" -"You're welcome" -"Would you like rice or potatoes?" -"Uh... Do you have Fanta?" Opmoc's trip takes us to the Caye Caulker where people go slow, she's running! Max fuck her! all it really is is one big beach you better take it easy is the lesson they teach Cause we're cool, we're chilling, we party when we want booze, weed, swimming, just tell me what you want "Es mi restorante" Alright man, that's cool Jolly Roger's lobster ain't cooked by no fool So leave your troubles behind and stare at all the behinds now drink your Belikin brew and let your beard grow too "Seaweeeeeeed" now he's lost his mind and when the beat stops, then you know it's time there's a Dub PicNic with food for free, drink for free "smoke for free" no no but fish for free If you don't catch no fish Then you don't eat no fucking fish Vamos a Guatemala las putas no valen la pena a Guatemala condenado por tomar cerveza a Guatemala insoportable olor de mierda a Guatemala
I don't wanna wait so long For you to be coming home And if you hear this song I'll be riding on the road
Donde Vamos 04:36
Journeys 07:24
All the places I go, all the people I see all the towns I know, all the cities I've been make me want more don't know what I'm looking for what I enjoy when I'm gone is when I get back to you at home but I just can't keep myself from going away no place feels good enough to stay How long you think it will take how long can you wait for me to realize and move on and go back to the place I belong will it be too late one day will I be forever away but I just can't keep myself no place feels good enough to stay What I enjoy most when I'm gone is when I get back to you at home but I just can't keep myself from going away no place feels good enough to stay all the places I go, all the people I see all the towns I know, and the cities I've been make me want more, tell me what I'm looking for Are you calling my name when I'm gone are you waiting alone I can't really say where I'm going nothing feels like home
Cradle Song 02:34
Sleep, sleep, beauty bright, Dreaming in the joys of night; Sleep, sleep; in thy sleep Little sorrows sit and weep. Sweet baby, in thy face Soft desires I can trace, Secret joys and secret smiles, Little pretty infant wiles. As thy softest limbs I feel, Smiles as of the morning steal O'er thy cheek, O'er thy breast Where thy little heart doth rest. O the cunning wiles that creep In thy little heart asleep! When thy little heart doth wake, Then the dreadful night shall break.


All music composed and arranged by Martin Salemi

Recorded live on 21, 22, 23 and 24 august 2012 by Peter Soldan at Studio DADA, Brussels • www.dada.be
With support from the Novanoïs, rehearsals rooms in Schaerbeek, Brussels • www.novanois.com
Mixed and mastered by Peter Soldan at Studio DADA, Brussels
Artwork by Jean-Claude Salemi • www.salemi.be
contact/booking: www.opmoc.combooking@opmoc.com


released December 22, 2012

Martin Salemi: Piano, Keyboard, Rhodes, Clavinet, Melodica, Backing Vocals
Antoine Lafontaine: Trumpet, Vocals ("Walking Dead"), Percussion, Backing Vocals
Bruno Borsu: Alto Saxophone, Vocals ("Mountains"), Percussion, Backing Vocals
Jacob Miller: Bass, Vocals (except on "Walking Dead")
Arnaud Guichard: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone ("All I Knew"), Percussion, Backing Vocals
Maxime Van Eerdewegh: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Peter Soldan: Sound Engineer
Simon Leens/Kevin Collard: Assistant Engineers


all rights reserved



OPMOC Brussel, Belgium

OPMOC is a six-piece band based in Brussels, Belgium. With saxophones, trumpet, bass, drums and keyboards, their music is an energetic mix that knows no boundaries, something between funk, reggae, punk, hip-hop or even salsa. For the past 10 years, they've played on some of the biggest stages in Belgium and around the world. ... more

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